Julius Caesar as Ethnographer (reblog)

Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul, Germany and Britain occasioned great excitement in Rome. For Catullus “the Gaulish Rhine, the formidable Britons, remotest of men” represented “the memorials of great Caesar” (Cat. 11.10-11). Cicero too considered Caesar’s exploits against the Britons the stuff of poetry (Q Fr. 2.16.14). The reading public must have been interested in what he had to say about his foreign adversaries.

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The image at the top is from a bust of Caesar, in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Wikimedia.

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  1. Faye

    Historical records are full of details that amaze us. Societies and the whole structures of daily lives are changed and individuals appear on the earth and their lives stand out because of what they accomplished. Vision, and Purpose inspire indeed!.

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