Njord and Skadi

*NEW* Njord and Skadi: A Myth Explored is about the Norse god Njord and the giantess Skadi, who married as part of a peace settlement, and were unable to live with each other. The book explores why they became proverbial for their incompatibility, and takes the whole story apart to see why it was important to the ancient Norse, as well as tackling modern interpretations and retellings.

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Brigantia: Goddess of the North

Brigantia: Goddess of the North is about the goddess of the Brigantes, a Celtic tribe who ruled most of northern England. She was a healer, ruler, protector and giver of victory. She is known to us from art and inscriptions, and this book sets out to analyze her cult in both a Roman and a Celtic context. Brigantia provides a detailed and enticing examination of the context of Brigantia’s worship in ancient British and Romano-British culture. I’ve been learning about Brigantia for over five years and there were many facts I was unaware of and points I will be researching further. Sheena also provides an extensive bibliography. I would recommend this book as an excellent starting point for all polytheists wanting to learn about Brigantia from a scholarly perspective and to students of Celtic and Roman history and religion. – Lorna Smithers, from the Signposts in the Mist blog.

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The Sun-Goddess: Myth, Legend, History. My first book.

The Sun-Goddess: Myth, Legend, History. My first book.

THE SUN-GODDESS: MTYH, MAGIC AND MYSTERY sets out to discover the woman in the sun, cutting against Victorian and Jungian interpretations that automatically assume that the sun must be masculine. This book studies ancient Celtic, Norse, Baltic, Slavic, Graeco-Roman, and Vedic myths to reconstruct the cult of the sun-goddess. I enjoyed reading this volume, it set my mind racing and for every bit of evidence produced, I thought; oh, yes. It deserves to be read, and reread by anyone and everyone who has ever enjoyed the blessings of the sun. Absolutely brilliant, like its subject. – Sue Phillips, New Moon Journal 54

…is a contradiction of the commonly accepted gender bias that a sun god portraying masculinity is more active and more “important” than a female moon goddess who would (for patriarchal reasons) be portrayed as passive and receptive. She has chosen to provide an account of the sun goddesses of the Indo-Europeans together with some material on the background, civilisation and beliefs of these peoples. There is a great deal of interesting and useful material here, which is extremely knowledgeable and readable. – Asphodel Long, Wood and Water 61, Winter Solstice 1997

With most of modern paganism (and wicca in particular) in thrall to the Feminine = Lunar paradigm, it’s always good to see a book which dares to argue the contrary and make a case for the female possessing her own strength and light instead of borrowing them from a “generous” male. Overall, very well researched and written, though occasionally a little lacking in the development of her ideas, and extremely readable. Highly recommended for the open minded. – White Dragon

It is a useful compendium of information about this subject….The Sun Goddess is written in a light, easy style with many short chapters which make it ideal for dipping into – Northern Earth 71.

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Asyniur: Women's Mysteries of the North, my second book.

Asyniur: Women’s Mysteries of the North, my second book.

ASYNIUR: WOMEN’S MYSTERIES IN THE NORTHERN TRADITION is about both mythological and real women in ancient and medieval Scandinavia. It looks at both traditional roles for women as well as warriors and poets, and the role of goddesses and others in the creation myths. It also looks at seidr, the witchcraft/shamanism that had Freyja as its patron goddess. ‘excellent. Well researched and well balanced…scrupulous honesty…she is clearly a writer to watch out for in future…highly recommended’ – White Dragon.

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B210-XSUN, MOON AND STARS is about the lore and science of the planets, stars and just plain weird stuff up there in the sky (or out there in the cosmos). It looks at myths and folklore from around the world relating to the heavens.

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