Best Of – Top Ten Posts

This page features my Top Ten posts (by number of views). I like to think of this as a way for the readers to talk back – telling me what they enjoy about what I write. I hope you enjoy these posts as well.

  1. Faoladh: Werewolves of Ireland
  2. Odin and the Morrigan
  3. Gullveig: the goddess who wouldn’t die
  4. Sheep and Goats in Norse Myth and Life
  5. Freyja’s Cats
  6. Poseidon: top god?
  7. Apollo the wolf-god
  8. Betelgeuse and Bellatrix: Orion’s Shoulders
  9. Heimdall: guardian god or wanderer?
  10. Our Moon vs. Pluto: Perspectives

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