Spite and the Morning Star

The Iroquois Confederacy had a number of stories about the morning star, which they called Gendenwitha, It Brings the Day.

One story is about the beautiful woman named Gendenwitha. It began with a hunter who was captured by the dawn after he chased the Sky Elk into the heavens. She set him to guard her lodge and help the sky hunters.

He saw Gendenwitha, then a mortal, and fell in love. While the dawn was bringing in the day, he was singing to his love, as a bluebird in spring, then as a blackbird in summer, and as a hawk in fall.

Finally he went to earth in the form of a hawk, and took her up to the sky. The dawn was angry, and turned Gendenwitha into a star, which she placed above her door, out of reach of the hunter. And so Gendenwitha became the morning star.

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2 thoughts on “Spite and the Morning Star

  1. tuckedintoacorner

    Oh, this is such a beautiful myth, and you express it so succinctly. I love the aspect of how Gendenwitha was literally placed out of reach (one of my favourite writing themes).

    I had never heard of this myth, so thank you for this contribution 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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