Poetry Mondays

One assignment in the Blogging 201 course was to set up a regular, recurring feature. The content and form was left up to us. I was a bit baffled at first – especially since someone on the mythology reddit has already grabbed Monster Mondays. (Check it out!)

I have deliberately skipped several assignments in this course, because they didn’t apply to what I want to do with this blog. This one seemed to fit, however. I briefly considered a seven days, seven planets thing, and I might well do it yet, when I have more time. For now however, it’s poetry on Mondays.

Very early in the life of this blog, I was out stargazing and saw the huge shape of Orion overhead, and that reminded me of the Adrienne Rich poem, which I have always loved. My first pass at a menu included a page I called The Stars My Inspiration, which was essentially this poem and an image that suited it.

Since then I have included some other poems that resonated with the theme of this blog. Poetry Mondays will be the formal version of this. In the beginning, I merely searched Poem Hunter for anything with the word “star”. I also included a few old favourites.

Now, I need to find my Norton Anthology

(The image at the top is Take Cover by Jamal, on deviantart.)


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