Stars – Katherine Mansfield

Most merciful God
Look kindly upon
An impudent child
Who wants sitting on.
This evening late
I went to the door
And then to the gate
There were more stars–more
Than I could have expected,
Even I!
I was amazed,
Almighty, August!
I was utterly dazed,
Omnipotent! Just
In a word I was floored,
Good God of Hosts–Lord!
That at this time of day
They should still blaze away,
That thou hadst not rejected
Or at least circumspected
Their white silver beauty–
Was it spite? Was it duty?

Katherine Mansfield

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3 thoughts on “Stars – Katherine Mansfield

  1. Faye Roots

    II was interested to know more about Katherine Mansfield. Thanks to Matthew I know she New Zealand. Love the poem. Understand fully the sentiments. Have felt gobsmacked myself.


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