Star Chamber

Once, the Doctor spoke to me at length
of stars and prognostications, how,
when we observe the waxing of the Moon,
everything cognate to her nature–marrow
in bones and in trees, flesh of the river
mussel–increases also. He told of tides
and how the ocean is affixed as with a chain
to moonlight. I think it must be different
in the Cave, where no light penetrates.
There, I have lost hours, whole cycles of the Sun.
At Star Chamber, I control the spheres–
a lantern hung just-so will produce the night sky
as if seen from a gorge; wobble it, and a comet,
smoky, pestilent, streaks across the Ether.

Davis McCombs

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2 thoughts on “Star Chamber

  1. Faye

    In often hectic morning rush etc I try to be still and look and absorb what you often blog. Today poem and image can lift thoughts and spirits if only briefly to a place of contemplation and peace. Thank you.


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