Ballad of the Northern Lights

They rolled around with a soundless sound
Like softly bruised silk;
They poured into the bowl of the sky
With the gentle flow of milk.

In eager, pulsing violet
Their wheeling chariots came,
Or they poised above the Polar rim
Like a coronal of flame.

From depths of darkness fathomless
Their lancing rays were hurled,
Like the all-combining search-lights of
The navies of the world.

There on the roof-pole of the world
As one bewitched I gazed,
And howled and grovelled like a beast
As the awful splendors blazed.

(This is an excerpt from a much longer poem)

Robert Service

The image at the top can be found here.


1 thought on “Ballad of the Northern Lights

  1. Faye

    Thank you. BEAUTIFUL. Some time I would love to see if you have anything on the SOUTHERN CROSS the amazing star cluster we have the Great South Lands of the South Pacific. Truly incredible some nights in our sky. Not as wonderful as the Northern Lights but in the centre of a velvet black night sky like diamonds and profound in impact particularly in Central Australia. Cheers!

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