The Useful Dangers of Fairy Tales

The makers of some of these tales were spinning long, long ago—thousands of years, in some cases. Life was hard, and short, and brutish, particularly so for women. And yet even this late in history, women and girls are still friendly with that darkness where fairy tales operate best.

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6 thoughts on “The Useful Dangers of Fairy Tales

  1. Faye

    I have always believed many fairy tales were written to tell children of the dangers of a very violent life including ‘stranger danger’ but also to give glimpses even if ,often oblique, of beauty, life and hope. Looking at these tales in the concept of the historical background in which they were written often gives real insight. Why are so many writing today stories and articles of horrendous violence and despair. ? reflecting the society they live in?. In the past, though often they failed I believe many wanted to keep little minds focussed beyond the horrors of daily struggles.

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  2. johnsmithiiimxiii

    There is a scene in a Tony Hillerman novel where an old Navajo is telling, I believe Jim Chee, that old folks only tell the children the funny stories about Raven and Coyote, because they aren’t ready for the darker ones.

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  3. Belinda O

    I read the article and particularly like the idea of feminism as helping, or warning, young women about dangers as well as the current popular idea of uplifting women.



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