After Amergin, by Michael Longley

I am the trout that vanishes
Between the stepping stones.
I am the elver that lingers
Under the little bridge.
I am the leveret that breakfasts
Close to the fuschia hedge.
I am the stoat that dances
Around the erratic boulder.
I am the skein of sheep’s wool
Wind and barbed wire tangle.
I am the mud and spittle
That make the swallows’ nest.

From Michael Longley’s poem, After Amergin.

For the image at the top, click here.

1 thought on “After Amergin, by Michael Longley

  1. Faye

    Wow! Beautiful images when I checked. Incredible photography. Makes me appreciative of my strength of faith and the God I KNOW. Thanks for your always interesting blog posts.


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