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The floating dead: Newfoundland inspired ‘zombie faeries’ photoshoot arrives in time for Halloween – CBC News

A Newfoundlander living in Quebec took a part of home as inspiration for her new Halloween-themed photoshoot.

Source: The floating dead: N.L. inspired ‘zombie faeries’ photoshoot arrives in time for Halloween – Newfoundland & Labrador – CBC News


What exactly was “red gold”?

If Freyja wept tears of gold, we would expect them to be the colour of the drops above, right? However, in the Prose Edda, Snorri describes them as “red gold”, rauĂ°r gull. (Gylf. 46) Was this just poetic license, or was gold different in the Middle Ages?

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As part of a new documentary, a team of archeologists has found some evidence of a second Viking settlement in Newfoundland.

Source: Second potential Viking site found in Newfoundland – Newfoundland & Labrador – CBC News

Milestone: 25 000 views!

25 000 views and 16 000+ visitors! Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and especially to my followers.