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Stars Wheel in Their Courses: Metamorphoses

… and sat among the people
Teaching them what was worthy, and they listened
In silence, wondering at the revelations
How the great world began, the primal cause,
The nature of things, what God is, whence the snows
Come down, where lightning breaks from, whether wind
Or Jove speaks in the thunder from the clouds,
The cause of earthquakes, by what law the stars
Wheel in their courses, all the secrets hidden
From man’s imperfect knowledge.

(From “The Teachings of Pythagoras”, in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book XV, trans. Rolfe Humphries)

Venus, from Wikimedia

Sirona: the star goddess

Like Belisama, Solimara and Sulis, Sirona’s cult centers on healing water, whether hot springs, baths or wells. Her name, however, means something like “Great Star”, which would make her a star-goddess, rather than a solar one. She is linked to several gods, including the Roman sun-god Apollo, as well as the gods Grannus and Atesmertius.

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