A Guide to High Crosses of Ireland (reblog)

It’s a well known fact that the Celts – and later the early Christians – in Ireland were extraordinarily creative people, regularly expressing their philosophies, beliefs and histories through art. At first this was done through stone carving, metalwork and most likely wood. Celtic society revolved around the concepts of war and wealth, so they spent much of their time creating intricately decorated weapons and jewellery from bronze and gold, to show off their fighting prowess and status in society. They were also a highly spiritual society with an astronomical and seasonal calendar, various ritualistic festivals throughout the year, and revered burial practices. At sites where these ceremonies took place stone monuments were very common and often featured elaborate carvings, sculptures and the like.

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1 thought on “A Guide to High Crosses of Ireland (reblog)

  1. Faye

    Thank you. This is indeed the tragedy of our 2019 world so much beauty so much history portraying the spirituality and cultures of the people. An ancient world wonderful and on going stories and discoveries. Thank you for your brilliant research and sharing. Human history was dramatically bisected by the life and death of one indistinct and unknown man. WHY? why? Because of this ONE MAN, ONE gruesome death. ? SACRIFICE? was the art, culture and spiritually of so many millions changed FOREVER. It is something to think about. And, why in this world of mayhem and carnage and selfishness and greed and melding of sexes, guns and violent actions WHY do millions still proclaim ….He LIVES!? I surely will not be able to tell you. Only the Divine SPIRIT….can impact and shake up the life of any individual. The memory of all the stone edifices and crosses and grand buildings all stand as cold but real testimony that ‘something definitely happened ‘ to change the world.
    Thank you for your writings and your research.

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