Review of Women Who Fly (reblog)

Serinity Young’s Women Who Fly: Goddesses, Witches, Mystics, and Other Airborne Females, is a cross-cultural, multi-period, feminist study of flying women in myth, literature, ritual, and history. Through examination of sky-going females evident within the religions and iconography of the Ancient Near East, Europe, and Asia, as well as in shamanic, Judeo-Christian, and Islamic cultures, the author creates a typology of flying women through history that culminates in an examination of 20th century fictional airborne women and real female aviators.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Women Who Fly (reblog)

  1. ceridwensilverhart

    Interesting. With the angle of empowerment, I assume the author isn’t talking about women turned into birds, like Blodeuwedd, but those who fly on their own power without necessarily having to give up human shape.


    1. solsdottir Post author

      Yes – it’s about women who fly of their own volotion, as well as how society likes to bring them back to earth sometimes. The subjects range from goddesses like Aphrodite and Athena to saints, lamas and other mystics, to Wonder Woman.

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