Chloris: Goddess of New Growth and Flowers (reblog)

Springtime: A time of renewal, warm breezes and the return of all things green! A time when the worries and drudgery of winter melt away and make room for the new, a promise of things to come. The ancient Greeks enjoyed the spring much as we do today, soaking up the warming sun and feeling their spirits rise as the world came back to life after a long, snow-capped sleep.

And naturally, they took the time to inhale the fresh scents of the blooming flowers that poked their way through the winter-weary soil, all courtesy of the little-known but oh-so-important goddess CHLORIS, the ancient Greek goddess of flowers!

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Image at top from from Couleur from Pixabay.

1 thought on “Chloris: Goddess of New Growth and Flowers (reblog)

  1. ceridwensilverhart

    That’s fascinating that Chloris’ home in the Elysian Fields technically makes her a goddess of the Underworld! I had only heard of Hades and Persephone as deities of that realm, but it makes sense there might be more. Seems like she would make great company for Persephone.


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