When Did Hecate Become a Crone Goddess? (Reblog)

via Is She the Crone? Hekate’s Profanation?

4 thoughts on “When Did Hecate Become a Crone Goddess? (Reblog)

  1. Faye

    Synchronicity of an entirely different thought fuelled by your blog a couple of weeks ago. My journey because of your mention of Sophia has taken me on a journey (not I might add in the heavens) but here in the universe. It has become exciting and challenging. ( I actually looked at the incredibly beating heart of Ularu the Rock in Central Australia when the sun shifts)… Never mind my spin on stuff but thank you again for your blog.

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    1. solsdottir Post author

      It must have been an amazing experience. I’m flattered to have inspired it, in however small a measure.


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