Why Ishtar is Not the Easter Goddess (Reblog)

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5 thoughts on “Why Ishtar is Not the Easter Goddess (Reblog)

  1. Faye

    Thank you for your always interesting and educational + informative blog. So many times it makes my own heart soar heavenwards with gratitude that folks like Constantine and indeed all church doctrines and obsessions about anchoring everyone onto dates and rituals and trying to keep people in ‘boxes’ is not where my husband and I now live our lives. We are ‘free’ to soar because the Spirit of God….ie the Holy Spirt has set us FREE but He also always keeps us anchored in the TRUTH of the Cross and blood sacrifice which has brought forgiveness and set our lives and souls free. The remembrance of Easter (derived from ancient names etc) is about RESURRECTION and all the ‘other stuff’ eggs, bunnies and hype and nonsense cannot destroy the TRUTH the Spirit imparts in the person, if they honestly seek to find.

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    1. solsdottir Post author

      Yes, the truth of Easter does get lost in the “noise” of commercialism that surrounds it.


    1. solsdottir Post author

      The article I linked to actually debunks that meme. I probably should have made that clearer. Thanks for the link, though.


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