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milky way water

Free Fall or Act of Faith?

You know, my mind went completely blank when confronted with this assignment. I chewed on it and chewed, and then I thought of this poem. I like to put a poem on the blog every so often, and this one says it all:

I place my hope on the water
in this little boat
of the language, the way a body might put
an infant

in a basket of intertwined
iris leaves,
its underside proofed
with bitumen and pitch,

then set the whole thing down amidst
the sedge
and bulrushes by the edge
of a river

only to have it borne hither and thither,
not knowing where it might end up;
in the lap, perhaps,
of some Pharaoh’s daughter.

(Nuala NĂ­ Dhomhnaill Ceist Na Teangan/The Language Issue, trans. Paul Muldoon)

For the image of the Milky Way, click here.


Awakening my Writer’s Mind

I’m sitting here in northern Canada, it’s eleven o’clock, and I’m starting to think it’s dark enough to go stargazing once I finish this. I started this blog back in January, after a long hiatus from writing. (I wrote three books back in the 90s, all on mythology.) This has been my way to start again.

I’m looking forward to learning more about blogging through this course, and reading others’ blogs as we go along.

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